Fake Rolex Watches for Sale

During a recent trip to Shenzhen provice in China, I took advantage of an opportunity to purchase many cool-looking watches for decent prices. In China, and all of Asia, Shenzhen province is known for its many, many watch factories. When you think of Detroit, you might think of it as the car capital of the United States. When you think of Silicon Valley, you immediately think of internet and computer technology. Well, in Asia, when someone says Shenzhen provice, watches are the first thing that comes to mind.

I'm a watch guy. I love watches. In fact, my love for them is probably not healthy--just kidding. But, it is an obsession. I'm crazy about watches and old wooden clocks. In a past life, I must have been a clock or watch maker. My point is this: my obsession got a little out of hand and now I have way too many. It's time to sell some. You see, while in Shenzhen province, I purchased about six Fake Rolex watches that were of such good quality, I would almost call them superclones. The quality and craftsmanship is excellent. Since I purchased 6 of them, I got a good price. If I had just purchased one or two, I would have paid about $125-150 for each one of them.

I am keeping two of the watches and offering the other 5 up for sale. I want to be clear that I am NOT in the fake watch selling business. This is not my job or profession. After these 5 watches are gone, I have no more to sell. That's it. I'm done.

The watches I purchased are of Rolex Submariner style, and came in different colors.


More to come soon...

07/01/2017 01:33 AM